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TOMRA Mining designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting technologies for the global mineral processing and mining industries.

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TOMRA Mining designs and manufactures sorting technologies for the global mineral processing and mining industries. The company’s solutions aim to transform how natural resources are processed to maximize recovery and minimize our ecological footprint.

As the global market leader in sensor-based ore sorting, TOMRA Mining is responsible for developing and engineering intelligent technology to deliver resource efficiency and reshape the industry for the better.

TOMRA Mining is a part of TOMRA Group. TOMRA was founded on an innovation in 1972 that began with the design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers.

TOMRA has approximately 100,000 installations in over 80 markets worldwide and had total revenues of ~10.9 billion NOK in 2021. The Group employs ~4,600 globally and is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company headquarters are in Asker, Norway.

Tomra Sorting GmbH
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TOMRA Sorting Ltd
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Products and Services

Leading-edge sensor-based sorting technology. Maximizing efficiency, minimizing waste and environmental impact, addressing labor shortages, ensuring profitability: we understand the challenges of 21st century mining - the challenges that you face every day.

As a trusted world leader in automated sorting systems, we partner with you long-term to unlock value from your mine, separating valuable ores from waste rock efficiently and sustainably. We help future-proof your operation, anticipating the demands of future legislation.
Wherever in the world your mining site, TOMRA is there so your operation performs to its full potential.
COM Tertiary XRT

The COM Tertiary XRT features very precise detection and ejection especially for smaller particle sizes. The mechanical setup is specialized for this material and is equipped with high performing and precise air ejection valves. The proprietary image processing ensures a unique recovery rate.

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The COM XRT 2.0 features higher belt speed and throughput, which translate directly into increased productivity in mineral processing. A more powerful X-ray system accommodates the sorting of larger-sized material due to better X-ray penetration. For this larger-sized material it offers increased wear resistance and longer component lifetime, with quick and safe maintenance through providing easier access to replaceable components.

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The COM XRT 300 /FR is the missing piece within the diamond process to produce an ultra-high diamond by weight concentrate. The mechanical setup is specialized for concentrating different sized streams for final recovery applications. The proprietary image processing and high performing air ejector valves ensure a level of performance that has not been seen before.

News & Innovations

TOMRA Sorting Mining breaks new ground with unique XRT Final Recovery solution that guarantees 99% diamond recovery

TOMRA Sorting Mining has launched the new TOMRA COM XRT 300 /FR Final Recovery sorter, which delivers concentration factors up to 1 million with limited stages and is the only solution on the market that guarantees >99% diamond recovery.

The new sorter stands out for the high sorting efficiencies, the high diamond-by-weight concentrate, and the benefits deriving from its focusing on a single consistent detection principal, Diamonds.

With this new introduction, TOMRA offers a complete partnered diamond recovery ecosystem with a flowsheet covering the entire process – from Concentration to Final Recovery and Sort House – and includes custom development with the end-user all the way to installation, then continued management of the asset and support with specialized services and training.

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TOMRA’s XRT technology: a game-changer at Letšeng Diamond Mine in Lesotho

TOMRA’S XRT sensor-based sorting technology unlocks significant value for Gem Diamonds at its Letšeng Diamond Mine in Lesotho.

It delivered an effective solution for coarse fractions in historical tailings dumps, recovering 15 times the initial investment in 4 years.

This success has led to the installation of the first TOMRA Final Recovery sorter in the world, now in its final commissioning stage.

Projects to further upgrade the mine’s Recovery Plant with more TOMRA XRT sorters are in the pipeline.

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TOMRA Mining’s ore sorting technology unlocks value from contaminated material at Mt Cattlin Lithium mine
The Mt Cattlin mine, owned by Galaxy Resources Ltd (part of the Allkem group of companies), is located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The open pit mine produces high-quality spodumene concentrate for the global lithium market. The demand for this commodity is ballooning due to the role of lithium and lithium-ion batteries in mobile devices and in electric vehicles (EV), as manufacturers vie for leadership in the EV race. With supply struggling to keep up, lithium prices are expected to be strong for years to come. Further reading

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