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VULKAN RAIL CLAMPS have been completely redesigned. This product line has innovations both conceptually and technologically in terms of materials, making the product more competitive and adding more digitalization. One of the main conceptual innovations has been modifications to the leverage system which is now by wedge, allowing a significant increase in the opening capacity (GAP) between the jaws and the rail.

The new line of Vulkan rail clamps — VCLAMP — meets the most critical applications and field conditions and is distinguished by the following:

  • An innovative drive concept using a wedge and rollers, adding more safety to the customer’s operations.

  • A market rail clamp with greater opening capacity (GAP) between the jaws and the rail.

  • A unified design: a rail clamp + an hydraulic unit in a single product, making it space-saving and easy to access for maintenance.

  • A modular and compact layout makes it a more competitive product, with just 3 sizes it can be used on 7different models: VCLAMP S (small), VCLAMP M (medium) and VCLAMP L (large).

  • Design with a focus on safety and ease of maintenance, side door with a lock, opening sensor, guide wheels with flanges, buoyancy systems and improvements to the jaw fixing unit.

  • The standard model already has digital sensor for monitoring the oil level and temperature, the hydraulic pressure and opening the equipment.

  • It can also be fitted with the following options: clamp open/closed status sensor, oil cleanliness and oil level, hand pump monitoring sensor and analogue sensors.

    All Vulkan rail clamps are tested on rails before being dispatched to the customer.

    Add more safety to the anchoring of Ship Loaders and Unloaders, Forklifts and Ore Reclaimers, Locomotives, Overhead Cranes and Gantries with the new VULKAN VCLAMP line.

    VCLAMP in numbers:

    Opening (GAP) between the jaws and the rail 10 mm
    Braking force 60 - 400 kN
    Opening pressure 34 - 140 bar
    Hydraulic unit 1.119 W



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