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160m Mast Wind Measurement Campaign

GEO-NET installed the first two 160 m met masts in SouthAfrica for wind and energy yield assessments for their customer. These are the highest wind measuring masts in South Africa for wind farm development.

Technology in the wind power business is advancing rapidly. Today’s turbines boast hub heights of up to 160 m and more, which was hard to imagine in the early days of wind power. But the higher the distance between met mast and turbine hub height, the higher the uncertainties in the energy yield assessment in the development phase.

Higher uncertainties lead to higher risk, and that is what investors, lenders and banks want to avoid. Thus, these projects are usually financed on the P75 or even P90 value of the energy yield (which is the value of the energy yield which will be matched or exceeded with a 75 % or 90 % probability).

A higher uncertainty leads to a lower P75 / P90 level of the energy yield – and in low wind conditions this could be the end of a project, even if the average wind speed (P50) would be sufficient. For two of such projects, far away from the stormy coasts of the Western and Northern Cape, GEO-NET installed the two 160 m masts.

Exhibitor: GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH


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