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New 200 m mast for LiDAR verification and research

Bigger, higher, stronger - what applies to sport also applies to the wind industry. With greater hub heights, larger rotors and more powerful generators, windturbines are becoming ever more efficient, windpower ever cheaper, and thus windenergy is making an increasingly important contribution to climateprotection and security of energysupply. To support this progress and reduce risk and uncertainties in the energy yield assessment for such projects GEO-NET now installed a new 200 m metmast for LiDAR verification and research in North Germany.

The relevant standard MEASNET prescribe a verification of remote sensing devices (RSD) such as LiDAR and SoDAR devices at least at three quarters of the planned hub height. However, uncertainties can be further reduced by a higher measurement, which of course must also be verified at the corresponding height. In addition, more data is obtained over a larger part of the rotor circle - which is particularly interesting for large rotors, where the wind shear results in quite different wind conditions between the upper and lower rotor ends, causing additional loads on the rotor blades, bearings, shaft etc.

The devices verified by GEO-NET can be used for bankable wind measurement campaigns, energy yield assessments, AEP-reports, FESR etc., and help to reduce uncertainties, thus making it possible to finance certain projects in the first place. GEO-NET is internationally accredited for all these services and keeps this accreditation up to date.

Exhibitor: GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH


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